Loans & Services
We are locally owned and operated and have been in business for over 30 years. Our company provides fast and friendly service. In fact, MOST LOANS ARE APPROVED IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR. We offer payments tailored to fit your budget and work to educate our customers on responsible credit. Our customers are important to us and we appreciate your business!
Personal Loans A personal loan is cash you may need for anything. It may be cash for the Christmas holidays or to buy tires for your car. It may be to purchase school uniforms or school supplies.
We make loans to fix automobiles or to get that special gift for someone. We have satisfied the personal cash needs for our customers going on 30 years and we pride ourselves in giving you fast friendly service.

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Credit Starter Loans We want you to be a customer for a long time, so why not start with us from the beginning. Our credit starter loans are designed for the individual seeking to begin his or her credit.

We do not just look at your past credit history in deciding what your credit future will bring. We look at the total picture! And if we see a responsible individual, we will seek to start your credit off on the right path.

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Credit Re-Starter Loans We know sometimes things get hard. We understand in today's economy your credit may suffer at times. We want you to know if you are looking to re-establish your credit, we are willing to help.
If we see a responsible applicant with past negative credit, we will work together with you to design a Credit Re-Starter Loan that will put you back on the path to your credit future.
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Automobile Loans Are you in the market for a used car? We can help you! We can qualify you for a specific amount so you can shop for a car you can buy and afford. Or, you can do your automobile shopping and call us for your financing needs. Either way we are here to serve your automobile loan needs.

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Consolidation Loan

Do you owe several different companies? Are you monthly payments unaffordable?
We can help you consolidate all or some of your loans into one manageable monthly payment. Just inform our staff of which companies you would like to have paid off and the balances of each company and we will see if we can get you on the fast track to affordable monthly notes.

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Real Estate Loan
Sometimes you need more than a little cash, you need A LOT of cash. We have just the loan to fit your needs. If you have equity in your home and need a sizeable loan, you can use your home to qualify.
With the ever-changing federal regulations on real estate loans and mortgages, each of our Deep South Branch Offices or Mortgage Loan Originators are licensed and educated on just how to satisfy your large loan needs.

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Signature Loans Sometimes your name is enough. If you need a loan and just don't have the collateral to secure the loan, we possibly can qualify you for a Signature Loan.
Responsible, credit qualified applicants can inquire about how our Signature Loans work.

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Confidential Service
We can also give you confidential service upon request.

We can give customers the privacy they need to feel comfortable about obtaining any type of loan with us.

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Tax Services Since 1996 our companies have been serving the tax needs of our clients.
Let us file your taxes for you. We offer RAL's, RAC's, and E-File only tax filings so you can get your tax money quick and easy.
In an extremely competitive market, why not let someone who already knows you handle your tax needs. Find a Location near you.



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